Our Designs

Wear What You Love.

Check out the unique and geeky designs we currently have available. Click on each image below for more information and to view the products in our shop sporting that design!

  • Crafted for Rebellion

    Your latest meeting (that you’re sure could simply have been an email) is dragging and you’re not sure you’ll make it. IT’S A QUALITY AUDIT. AGAIN. Little do they know you have Galar Rapidash socks on. It’s the little things.

  • Your Fandoms, Remixed.

    Viral, imaginative twists on familiar obsessions; artistic takes on the pop culture icons you already love. Toss a coin to your Witcher, sweet child of mine.

  • Indie Style and Substance

    The last graphic tee you ordered turned out to be a blurry, stolen piece from an uncompensated DeviantArt designer. Sure, you’ll still wear it, but you won’t feel as proud of it. Our stuff isn’t like that.